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Golden Gaming Casino


Golden Gaming Casino
The Golden Tavern Group of Las Vegas
fun park


  • This project straddles the city limits of Bonner Springs and Edwardsville, but is within the jurisdiction of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas. It is also within the boundaries of the Village West Development Corridor.
  • The Unified Government controls all public hearings, zoning and planning approvals in connection with this project. The UG also controls construction permits and building inspections.
  • If the project is built, police, fire, ambulance, streets, water and electric service and other infrastructure/public services will be provided under the auspices of the Unified Government.
  • This is the seventh and final casino for which permission for the submission of a proposal to the Unified Government of Wyndotte County/Kansas City, Kansas will be allowed. UG officials are expected have a final recommendation for the State on one of the plans by December 31, 2007.



Involved Companies

Tom Watson Design

Friedmutter Group, Inc.

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Golden Gaming Hotel ≈146 ft 12 high-rise building 2011
2 Gaming/Convention/Retail Facilities ≈37 ft 3 low-rise building 2011
3 Tom Watson Golf Course & Clubhouse ≈12 ft 1 low-rise building 2011
under construction
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