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Hamilton Square


Hamilton Square
St. Francis Hospital
Bon Secours New Jersey Health System
St. Francis Community Health Center



  • St. Francis Hospital was founded in a three-story building at this location by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in 1863.
  • It grew with several additions to a complex of over 400,000 square feet.
  • It gradually shut down over a ten-year period from 1995 to August 2005, when it closed completely.
  • As of early 2006, a major renovation of the complex into residential buildings is being proposed by Exeter Property Company.
  • The proposal includes demolishing the Main Pavilion, restoring Pavonia Avenue through the block, gutting and reconstructing the existing Franciscan Pavilion, and constructing a new building on the site of the Erie Street Garage.
  • Construction is proposed to commence in late 2006 and will last about three years.


New Jersey

Involved Companies

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Hamilton Square - South Tower 128 ft 10 high-rise building -
2 St. Francis Redevelopment - Erie Street Garage Parcel 105 ft 9 low-rise building -
3 fullheightview-vintage-view-from-the-southwest-along-mcwilliams-place-before-reconstruction 25 McWilliams Place ≈131 ft 11 low-rise building 1981
4 fullheightview-view-from-the-west-across-mcwilliams-place St. Francis Hospital - Main Pavilion 6 low-rise building 1974
5 fullheightview-view-from-the-south-along-erie-street St. Francis Hospital - North Pavilion ≈72 ft 6 low-rise building 1929
6 fullheightview-view-from-the-southwest-along-8th-street 1 McWilliams Place ≈72 ft 6 low-rise building -
7 fullheightview-view-from-the-southwest Hamilton Square - Infill Building ≈72 ft 6 low-rise building 2009
8 St. Francis Hospital ≈60 ft 5 low-rise building 1890
under construction
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