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Internal Revenue Service Center


Internal Revenue Service Center
IRS Center
governmental complex



  • This is a $370 million project, covering 27.5 acres in downtown Kansas City.
  • Reconstruction of the 5-story structure means the old Main Post Office will have a new life instead of a date with a wrecking ball.
  • This complex is the final piece of the puzzle in connecting four new or renovation projects in Downtown Kansas City: Historic Union Station, World War I Liberty Memorial and the new 14-story Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City tower.
  • At the peak of the annual tax season each year, over 8,000 persons are expected to be employed in the IRS Center.
  • A new moving sidewalk, that runs through a tunnel beneath Pershing Road to a garage behind Union Station, stretches 340 feet to provide additional parking during the peak tax season.
  • The IRS says it's the longest continuous people mover in North America – taking three minutes to traverse if you don't walk.
  • The tunnel was originally built to shuttle mail between the post office and the Union Station.
  • It is estimated that completion of this one project will add 8% to the downtown employment base of approximately 100,000.



Involved Companies

BNIM Architects

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 top IRS Center Addition ≈79 ft 6 low-rise building 2006
2 aerialview-elevated-view-from-the-northeast Internal Revenue Service Center ≈66 ft 5 low-rise building 1930
3 exterior IRS Parking Garage I ≈53 ft 4 low-rise building 2006
4 IRS Parking Garage II ≈53 ft 4 low-rise building 2006
under construction
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