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East Bank Mills


East Bank Mills
Pillsbury Mill Redevelopment
residential complex



  • The Pillsbury A Mill and surrounding land was purchased in early 2003 by Minneapolis-based SchaferRichardson, with plans for a large mixed-use project.
  • In 2004, initial meetings with representatives from the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood resulted in the project being reduced from 1350 to 1095 total units, four new towers instead of six, and a reduction in height for the tallest building from 35 to 27 floors.
  • The Minneapolis City Council voted 6-4 on July 2, 2004 to require the developer submit a more-detailed Environmental Impact Statement instead of the previously-submitted Environmental Assessment Worksheet.
  • At issue are concerns related to height of the towers, including their proximity to the University of Minnesota's Steam Plant Chimney, environmental hazards affecting the Mississippi River, and the historic value of the Pillsbury 'A' Mill.
  • On January 10, 2006, the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission denied the developer's request to build four towers taller than the neighboring Pillsbury A Mill Tile Elevator. Other low-rise components of the development were approved.
  • The developers appealed this ruling to the Minneapolis Zoning & Planning Committee, which overturned the HPC's ruling on February 16, 2006. Members felt that taller towers were necessary to ensure rehabilitation of the landmark Pillsbury A Mill.
  • Full City Council approval followed on February 24, 2006. Individual building designs will need to be approved by the Heritage Preservation Commission and the Zoning & Planning Committee before construction can begin.
  • Revised design schemes for the towers replacing some of the glass and metal accents with masonry were approved by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission in June 2006.



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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 East Bank Mills Building E 324 ft 27 high-rise building 2012
2 East Bank Mills Building F 290 ft 26 high-rise building 2014
3 East Bank Mills Building G 244 ft 20 high-rise building 2016
4 East Bank Mills Building D 191 ft 15 high-rise building 2010
5 The Cooper 148 ft 12 high-rise building 2010
6 East Bank Mills Building C 120 ft 10 high-rise building 2014
under construction
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