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Samsung Tower Palace


Samsung Tower Palace
residential complex



  • Tower Palace consists of 7 towers in total: Towers A-D are the Tower Palace One, E-F are Tower Palace Two, and G is Tower Palace Three.
  • The builders of Tower Palace put emphasis on high-tech security measures from the beginning, and a year after completion the management announced that there had not been one report of crime in Tower Palace One.


South Korea

Involved Companies

MANNTECH Building Maintenance Systems

Samoo Architects & Engineers

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 tower-palace-three-tower-g-seoul-south-korea-south-korea-exterior-exterior-looking-east-from-the-maebong-subway-station Tower Palace Three, Tower G 865 ft 73 skyscraper 2004
2 exterior-tower-palace-one-tower-b Tower Palace One, Tower B 767 ft 66 skyscraper 2002
3 Tower Palace One, Tower A 686 ft 59 skyscraper 2002
4 Tower Palace One, Tower C 686 ft 59 skyscraper 2002
5 Tower Palace Two, Tower E 627 ft 55 skyscraper 2003
6 Tower Palace Two, Tower F 627 ft 55 skyscraper 2003
7 Tower Palace One, Tower D 538 ft 42 skyscraper 2002
under construction
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