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Sandburg Village


Sandburg Village
residential complex



  • Sandburg Village was an urban renewal project in the 1960s, redeveloping devalued land into a new middle-class residential neighborhood.
  • The project occupies an area between Clark and LaSalle Streets, one block wide and almost half a mile long, with a few buildings on the east side of Clark.
  • The original plan was to continue the development all the way south to the Chicago River.
  • Housing in Sandburg Village is a mix of townhomes, mid-rises, and highrise buildings, with several plazas and small parks in between.
  • The project is named after the famous poet and Illinois resident Carl Sandburg, and each apartment building is named after another well known writer, in alphabetical sequence from Alcott to Lowell.



Involved Companies

Solomon & Cordwell

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 lookingup-east-side-from-germania-place James House 398 ft 43 skyscraper 1971
2 top-view-from-dearborn-parkway Faulkner House 284 ft 30 high-rise building 1967
3 lookingup-view-from-the-southwest Cummings House 261 ft 28 high-rise building 1963
4 exterior-west-facade Bryant House 261 ft 28 high-rise building 1963
5 lookingup-southeast-corner Eliot House 261 ft 28 high-rise building 1965
6 fullheightview-view-from-the-southwest Alcott House 261 ft 28 high-rise building 1963
7 exterior-view-from-the-south Dickinson House 261 ft 28 high-rise building 1963
8 lookingup-south-facade Lowell House ≈336 ft 29 high-rise building 1969
under construction
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