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Dearborn Park


Dearborn Park
residential complex



  • Dearborn Park is a large planned redevelopment of former railroad land south of Chicago's central business district, between State and Clark Streets.
  • Dearborn Station, the former terminus of the tracks which occupied this site, still stands on Polk Street. It currently houses offices and stores. The peaked roof of its clock tower was lost in a fire and never rebuilt.
  • Dearborn Park was built in 2 main phases of about equal size: one north or Roosevelt Road, the second phase to the south.
  • Phase One of the development consists mainly of mid- and high-rise apartment buildings, and modern townhomes with several courtyards.
  • Phase Two is entirely low-rise, with more postmodern architecture. It includes detached houses and several rows of townhomes.
  • The two phases are divided at Roosevelt Road, which crosses the land on an elevated viaduct. There is one pedestrian crossing under the roadway.
  • Dearborn Park has 3 public parks and a schoolyard on its land, each about a square block in size.



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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 lookingup-view-from-the-southeast Dearborn Park High Rise 1 270 ft 27 high-rise building 1980
2 Dearborn Park High Rise 2 ≈255 ft 22 high-rise building 1979
3 exterior-state-street-facade-from-the-southeast The Terraces at Dearborn Park ≈139 ft 12 high-rise building 1983
4 fullheightview-looking-east-on-polk-street Dearborn Street Station ≈93 ft 8 low-rise building 1885
5 The Oaks of Dearborn Park ≈93 ft 8 low-rise building 1979
6 1143 South Plymouth Court ≈70 ft 6 low-rise building 1980
7 1115 South Plymouth Court ≈70 ft 6 low-rise building 1982
8 1169 South Plymouth Court ≈70 ft 6 low-rise building 1980
under construction
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