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Brook Pooni Associates


West Hastings Street, Suite 200
V6E 2E9 Vancouver

General Information

planning consultant

Involved Projects (14 Projects)

# Building Location Height Floors Building type Year Status Role
1 Union Park, Office Tower East [Union Park] Toronto, Ontario, Canada 994 ft 58 skyscraper -
planning consultant
2 Union Park, Office Tower West [Union Park] Toronto, Ontario, Canada 860 ft 48 skyscraper -
planning consultant
3 Mirvish Village, Tower 1 [Mirvish Village] Toronto, Ontario, Canada 279 ft 26 high-rise building 2021
planning consultant
4 Mirvish Village, Tower 2 [Mirvish Village] Toronto, Ontario, Canada 269 ft 25 high-rise building 2021
planning consultant
5 Mirvish Village, Tower 3 [Mirvish Village] Toronto, Ontario, Canada 259 ft 24 high-rise building 2021
planning consultant
under construction
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