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Soyak Holding

group of companies

Soyak Binası Büyükdere Cad. No: 38 Mecidiyeköy
34387 Istanbul
+90 212 273 23 05

General Information

group of companies
Soyak Group


Soyak Construction continues generating high quality, innovative and prestigious buildings with the power of experience.

Soyak Construction, the founding company of Soyak Holding, undertook many successful projects to date in Turkey and overseas. Established in 1961, the Company displayed a steady development and growth performance in the domestic construction industry. As of 1975, Soyak Construction had become a leading construction company with a major international business.

Military facility projects in Tuzla, Adapazarı and Samandıra and the construction of the 500-bed Taksim İlkyardım (First Aid) Hospital, undertaken by the Company soon after its establihment, positioned Soyak Construction as a powerhouse in the industry. Soyak Göztepe Project, which consists of 1,536 houses, developed in 1986, is an important milestone in the industry as the first major public housing Project. Soyak Construction made significant contributions to Turkey’s development by building tens of thousands of residental units and social facilities as well as factories, airports and office buildings throughout its 54-year history. The projects undertaken by the Company in Turkey cover a total area of 2.080.000 square meters as of year-end 2014.

Soyak Construction’s overseas operations span Libya, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Russia, Kazahstan and Macedonia. Total value of Soyak Construction’s international operations go ahead in Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Kazahstan, which began with the construction project in Benghazi, Libya. The value of the Works reached approximately US$ 885 million by year-end 2014. Engaged in construction activities encompassing a broad range of projects including apartments, factories, hospitals, school and office buildings, total usage area of the buildings constructed by the Company overseas reached 1,794,000 square meters as of year-end 2013. During the course of its operations in the pickling and mining industry from 1987 until 2000, the Company undertook 133,685,000 cubic meters of pickling and open-pit coal mining in the Soma, Tunçbilek and Çan coalfileds of the Turkish Coal Enterprises Company.

Soyak Construction carried its national and international experiences to the field of investment and development, project and construction management. Between 2011-2014, Soyak Construction has carried out project coodination and construction management of Soyak Tower (Soyak Kristalkule), which was also developed by Soyak Construction.

Involved Projects (1 Projects)

# Building Location Height Floors Building type Year Status Role
1 Finansbank Tower Istanbul, Marmara Region, Turkey 554 ft 35 skyscraper 2014
under construction
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