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About Canela

38,318 in city
255 km² (98 mi²)
837 m
Canela, meaning Cinnamon in Portuguese, is a small city located in the Serra Gaúcha of Rio Grande do Sul State and it's situated 140km at north from Porto Alegre the capital. Both Canela and neighboring Gramado are important tourist resorts and they both draw many visitors each year. Ecotourism is very popular in the area and there are many opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding and river rafting. The main tourist attraction in Canela is the famous Parque do Caracol and Cascata do Parque do Caracol (Snail Falls Park). The Catedral Nossa Senhora de Lourdes is the most important building of the city. Like sister town Gramado, Canela is a large tourist draw during the Christmas holiday and the local town council deck Canela with lights and other festive decorations. Canela is part of the Rota Romântica or Romantic Route, a touristic scenic bypass.

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