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About Pottsville

14,129 in city
147,269 in metro
10 km² (4 mi²)
The seat of Schuylkill County, Pottsville is located on the Schuylkill River about 30 miles (50 km) northwest of Reading. It is a center of the anthracite coal industry and the home of the oldest brewery in the United States, Yuengling Brewery, which opened in 1829. The city's history dates to 1790, when the hunter Necho Allen discovered coal here by accident. An iron furnace was established on the river in 1795. John Pott bought the furnace and founded Pottsville in 1806. Construction of the Schuylkill Canal in 1828 spurred development, which was augmented with the arrival of railroads by 1842. A permanent downturn in the demand for coal since World War II has been a great challenge for the local economy. Famous citizens include the short-story writer John O'Hara and the soldier Nicholas Biddle, considered to have been the first casualty of the Civil War in 1861. From 1854 to 1877 Pottsville was a center of the Molly Maguire labor disturbances, which culminated in the trial and hanging of nine of the movement's leaders. Today Pottsville is a center of business, government, and tourism.

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16 All Buildings

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13 low-rise building
2 high-rise building
1 church