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Nuevo Laredo

About Nuevo Laredo

355,827 in city
1,665 km² (643 mi²)
150 m
In 1848, settlements on the banks of the Rio Grande River were divided into two towns as a result of the Mexican-American War. One of those towns was in the north side of the river and was known as Villa de San Agustín de Laredo. This one became part of the United States while the other town which remained in the southern bank of the river was renamed Nuevo Laredo in honor of the lost town of Laredo . It was then that the history of Nuevo Laredo, as a separated entity from the old town, started. Nowadays the town has grown to become the second largest Mexican city in the national boundary, just after Ciudad Juarez. Nuevo Laredo has two International Border Bridges that communicate the two cities in either side of the Rio Grande.