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About Rosenberg

27,808 in city
5,968,586 in metro
10 km² (4 mi²)
Rosenberg is near the geographic center of Fort Bend County, and is approximately 30 miles southwest of Houston. It is adjacent to Richmond, the county seat of government. Rosenberg is currently one of the fastest growing cities in the Houston area and in the state overall. Incorporated in 1883, the city began with the financial help of Henry Rosenberg who was a Sweedish immigrant and saw the potential of the young city. His investments in the railroad infrastructure helped propel the area into renown as a regional railroad hub and an agricultural center. Today, the city's growth continues as families move further away from Houston to the suburbs. This movement has caused a boom in the real-estate market in both the retail and residential sectors with development increasing to a level mirroring that of nearby Sugar Land over the past decade.