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Kfar Yonah

About Kfar Yonah

20,700 in city
12 km² (5 mi²)
Kfar Yona is located in the Sharon region, 7 km east of Netanya. Founded in 1932 by pioneers led by Maurice Fischer, son of Yona Fischer and named in his honour. Maurice Fisher founded Sharon Orchards Group (Mata'ei HaSharon) purchasing the lands together with "Kvutzat Regev" farmers group. The farmers began planting citrus orchards in previously swamp and mud plains, with new irrigation systems, later merging with a small farming community - Nachalat HaShavim, founded by american aliya farmers. Kfar Yona remained a small mainly agricultural village gradually adding residential suburbs and set to achieve city status in future with the first highrise suburbs planned to the north.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
12 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Habait BaSharon 3 - 2016
2 Habait BaSharon 2 - 2016
3 Habait BaSharon 4 - 2016
4 Habait BaSharon 1 - 2016
5 Tzamarot HaSharon 4 - 2014

Building types

No. Type
12 high-rise building