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About Randburg

112,274 in city
6,200,000 in metro
0 km² (0 mi²)
Randburg is a metro area in the northwestern suburbs of Johannesburg and consists of 32 suburbs that were amalgamated on 1 July 1959. The name Randburg is derived from the South African currency the Rand, which replaced the pound sterling in 1959, just before South Africa became a republic. The area is largely residential, but the town has a "mini-CBD" that is centralised to the whole area. There has been considerable residential development over the past 10 years in the area, with many new condos and apartment complexes being built. Randburg is home to a multitude of organisations and corporations, most notably multichoice, the biggest digital satellite television company in Africa. Multichoice broadcasts to nations throughout South Africa and indeed, the rest of Africa. The city quickly grew as a decentralised node as Johannesburg expanded north and became a shopping mecca of the northern suburbs in the 1980s. The Randburg Waterfront, the Cresta Mall, and the large Monte Casino, to name a few, all attract hundreds of thousands of shoppers and entertainment seekers annually from all over Gauteng, the province in which Randburg and Johannesburg are situated. The town is approximately a 30 minute drive from the Johannesburg CBD, and is easily accessible through the ring motorway which snakes its way through the surrounding areas of Johannesburg, including Randburg. Randburg also has an airport to her name, and it is envisaged that Lanseria Airport will become a second major airport in Gauteng, supplementing Johannesburg International Airport, and feeding the large business traffic in the northern areas. Already scheduled flights to Cape Town have begun by a local airline, Sun Air, and more airlines may follow suit. Finally, the phenomenal growth of Randburg is testament to the amount of growth in the northern areas of Johannesburg. Indeed, the town contributes a significant amount to the prosperity of Gauteng.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
6 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Mintek 151 ft 1976
2 Rand President Apartments - -
3 Trust Bank Centre - -
4 Rainy Hill Apartments - -
5 Randburg Square - 1978

Building types

No. Type
5 high-rise building
1 low-rise building