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About Brøndby

34,542 in city
1,819,381 in metro
20 km² (8 mi²)
Brøndby is a residential suburb in the western part of me>100365. Drivers coming into Copenhagen from the west will find the first signs of urbanization here. Brøndby has the second largest number of highrise buildings in the area, surpassed only by Copenhagen city itself. The buildings are divided equally between Milestedet and Boligbebyggelsen Brøndby Strand. The local football team Brøndby IF is one of the best teams in Denmark and has been a preeminent symbol of the city for many years; the team and the city are closely associated for almost all Danish people.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
22 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Tranumparken 1 48 m 1972
2 Hallingparken 2 48 m 1974
3 Ulsøparken 6 48 m 1973
4 Tranumparken 2 48 m 1972
5 Albjergparken 6 48 m 1971

Building types

No. Type
21 high-rise building
1 low-rise building