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Mogi das Cruzes

About Mogi das Cruzes

362,991 in city
19,616,060 in metro
714 km² (276 mi²)
742 m
The city was founded in 1560, the region known as Mboygi set the limits of the land of Bras Cubas, which extended along Serra do Mar (Sea Mountain). It's politic and administrative emancipation occured in 1611, when the Village of Sant'Anna was created because of exploratory expeditions. The city is situated the 60km east away of São Paulo, 60km of Atlantic Ocean, 400km west of Rio de Janeiro and achieved modernity in its own tradicional and experienced way. The city is a university polar region, counting on two universities of great transport and variety of economics activities like agriculture specially aviculture and horticulture also known “Cinturão Verde”, supplying all the region São Paulo Metro Area and Rio De Janeiro. Today in Mogi das Cruzes you will see old churches like the Igreja da 1ª Ordem do Carmo and Catedral de Santana, old houses, narrow streets, tradicional festivals and histoire natural all of this in the Old Town. Already in Downtown have new constructions like the office Helbor Tower, the modern Órion 2000 and the highest of them the Vincent. The Old Town as much as Downtown assits harmony cally combining with the desive to grow.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
98 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Vincent 328 ft 2006
2 Helbor Tower 230 ft 1999
3 Metropolitan 208 ft 2009
4 Picasso - 2010
5 Landscape by Helbor 1 - -