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Ribeirão Preto

About Ribeirão Preto

666,323 in city
714,847 in metro
650.9 km² (251 mi²)
546 m
Located in the Northeastern portion of the state of São Paulo, 313 km away from the capital, Ribeirão Preto is the heart of one of the most wealthiest regions in Brazil, which has been massively stimulated by its powerful agriculture industry since 1856, when the city was founded. Ribeirão's vocation for agribusiness first started with the cultivation of coffee, whose lucrative exportations in the late 19th century brought much money and investments to the city. Nowadays, the economy of the city is mainly based on its efficient commerce and services activities, but its agricultural importance still remains very large to the country, producing lots of sugar cane and, in smaller proportions, orange and coffee. Besides that, Ribeirão Preto has the biggest agricultural technology trade show in Latin America, significant universities and medical centers, a good life standard and what is called the best draft beer in Brazil.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
475 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Blue Diamond - 2018
2 Edifício Cidade de Paris - 2016
3 Grand Privilège - 2012
4 Van Der Rohe - 2019
5 Über Gaudí - 2018

Building types

No. Type
415 high-rise building
56 low-rise building
4 mast (framework)