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About Livorno

161,162 in city
104 km² (40 mi²)
3 m
Livorno is located on the coast of Italy's hilly region of Tuscany. Born as a fisherman port, Livorno raised its dimensions as the port of the nearby Pisa was slowly fading due to sand and mud coming from Arno river. The ancient village was enveloped by multiple city walls till 1607, when the village was officially promoted to the status of "town". Military port for the Medicean family the town doubled its dimension during the 16th century due to the new urban plan of Bernardo Buontalenti. Its dimension expanded till 19th century exploiting the status of "free port". Livorno was one of the favorite rest place for the royal family of Savoia and a great center of national culture. After the Second World War the town was destroied by air strikes and it slowly rebuilt itself without reaching anyway its glorius past.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
30 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Grattacielo di piazza Matteotti 279 ft 1966
2 Torre della Cigna 197 ft 2000
3 Torre CGIL 136 ft 2004
4 Max Hotels & Resorts 136 ft 2003
5 Centro Direzionale Torre 3 132 ft 2012