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About Aschaffenburg

68,747 in city
4,215,055 in metro
62 km² (24 mi²)
133 m
Aschaffenburg - the Bavarian Nice. The city looks of an over 1000 years history as Kurmainzerische Residenzstadt, seat of the Principality of Aschaffenburg and starting from 1816 as royal-Bavarian town. Impressive historical buildings, monuments and museums placing certification over the historical meaning Aschaffenburgs. As part of the area Rhein-Main and thus one of the largest marketing areas of Europe and the spatial proximity to other important sales markets in Germany, is characterised Aschaffenburg within many ranges. Not only as region with the best quality of life in Germany, but also as economic situation Aschaffenburg made itself increasingly a very good name.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
21 All Buildings

Building types

No. Type
9 low-rise building
6 church
3 palace
1 high-rise building
1 chimney
1 hall