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About Honolulu

345,610 in city
907,574 in metro
265 km² (102 mi²)
4.87685930261 m
Honolulu is the state capital and largest city in Hawaii. It is the main gateway to Hawaii and a major port of entry into the United States. The city-county of Honolulu comprises all of the island of Oahu, but there are no incorporated cities in Hawaii. Honolulu is usually loosely defined as the area from just east of Pearl Harbor to the Hawaii Kai. It is a cosmopolitan city of industry, finance, tourism, and culture. The city's expansive skyline extends from downtown to Waikiki Beach to the tip of Diamond Head. A number of residential towers can also be found sprouting up in the Salt Lake area around the Honolulu Country Club. The city is not known for supertall skycrapers due to a variety of height restrictions designed to ensure that Diamond Head is not hidden by buildings. Although there are exceptions, such as the First Hawaiian Center, the limit for downtown is 400 feet (not including mechanical penthouses). Waikiki is limited to a maximum of 350 feet at the Ala Moana end and 220 feet at the Diamond Head end.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
1,354 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 First Hawaiian Center 429 ft 1996
2 The Collection 422 ft 2016
3 Moana Pacific West Tower 422 ft 2008
4 Moana Pacific East Tower 422 ft 2008
5 Waiea 418 ft 2016