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About Tainan

1,885,252 in city
2,191.65 km² (846 mi²)
1 m
Tainan is 319 kilometers (200 miles) south of Taipei and 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Kaohsiung. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and was the capital from 1663 to 1885. Tainan is known for its old temples representing traditional Chinese culture. Some date back as far as 3 centuries ago. Scattered throughout the city are reminders of the past--gates, arches, forts and temples from when the Dutch occupied Taiwan. It is the fourth largest city in the country.

Metro Cities


No. of Buildings

No. Current status
216 All Buildings

Building types

No. Type
213 high-rise building
2 skyscraper
1 low-rise building