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About Fayetteville

209,486 in city
356,105 in metro
382.6 km² (147 mi²)
31.1967601777 m
Fayetteville is located in southeastern North Carolina at the head of navigation of the Cape Fear River, about 50 miles south of Raleigh. It is a center of trade, industry, and agriculture producing goods such as tobacco, swine, lumber, textiles, and machinery. It is also the seat of Cumberland County. Fayetteville is well known as the home of Fort Bragg as well as Pope Air Force Base. Settled by Scots Highlanders in the 1730s, it was originally named Campbellton. The name was changed in 1783 to honor the Marquis de Lafayette. The state constitutional convention ratified the US Constitution here in 1789 on the site of the present Market House at the center of the downtown.