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About Blacksburg

42,627 in city
159,587 in metro
50 km² (19 mi²)
633.991709339 m
Located in southwestern Virginia, Blacksburg is home to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, aka Virginia Tech. Blacksburg is the largest town in Virginia with a population of just under 40,000 citizens living on just over 12,000 acres of land at the foot of the Washington-Jefferson National Forest. Blacksburg has been named one of the top ten places to live in the United States by Outside magazine.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
40 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Slusher Hall - 1972
2 Lee Hall - 1966
3 Ambler Johnston Hall - 1969
4 O'Shaughnessy Hall - 1966
5 Pritchard Hall - 1967

Building types

No. Type
36 low-rise building
2 stadium
1 high-rise building
1 hall