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About Sollentuna

57,661 in city
1,643,366 in metro
53 km² (20 mi²)
26 m
A northern suburb of Stockholm, Sollentuna lies along the E4 highway and the Norra Stambanan rail line. The municipality has grown rapidly since 1900 when it had a mere 1,290 inhabitants. The rail line was the foundation for this growth; the stations shortened travel times to Stockholm, allowing settlement of new suburbs in the area. Nowadays the municipality is served by 5 commuter rail stations (all on the same line). There are numerous prehistoric burial sites and runestones in Sollentuna, which was also an important route between the Baltic Sea and the religious center at Uppsala during the Viking age. The Middle Ages didn’t pass without some action in Sollentuna either, as several battles against Denmark were fought there.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
8 All Buildings

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Turebergshuset 174 ft 1976
2 Drevkarlsstigen 2 - 1958
3 Drevkarlsstigen 3 - 1958
4 Drevkarlsstigen 1 - 1958
5 Drevkarlsstigen 4 - 1958

Building types

No. Type
5 high-rise building
1 church
1 low-rise building
1 skyscraper