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About Hrodna

319,000 in city
93 km² (36 mi²)
130 m
Hrodna (Grodno) is one of the oldest cities in Belarus and the capital city of Hrodna region. It is situated near the west border of the country, close to Poland and Lithuania. Hrodna was founded in the end of the 10th century at the junction of Gorodnichanka and Neman rivers. Until the end of the 13th century, the city was a capital of an independent principality. Later, it became a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Hrodna obtained its privileges of town in 1496. In 1576-1586 Hrodna was the residence city of King Stephen Bathory of Poland. Then it had alternately come under Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian rule until 1939 when it was annexed by the USSR. Nowadays, Hrodna is an industrial center of Belarus and a railroad hub. The city is distinguished for its historical and cultural heritage: Zamkovaya Gora with Old Castle (residence of Stephen Bathory) and New Castle, Sts. Boris and Gleb Church (Kalozhskaya Church). The main architectural dominants are Radio Tower and 16-storeyed Grodno Hotel. There are several 12-storeyed buildings along the main avenues. 5 and 9-storeyed panel residentials are the most typical buildings in the city.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
40 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Kremko 25 - -
2 Kremko 23 - -
3 Residential at Magistralnaya Street - 2020
4 Popovicha 10 - 2013
5 Popovicha 8 - 2012

Building types

No. Type
37 high-rise building
1 mast (framework)
1 church
1 low-rise building