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About Yekaterinburg

1,349,772 in city
2,023,700 in metro
495 km² (191 mi²)
251 m
Yekaterinburg is the administrative center of Sverdlovskaya Oblast and Uralsky Federal District. It is the fourth largest city in Russia by population. It is also located on the dividing line between Europe and Asia, which makes it the most eastern European city with over one million residents. The city was founded in 1723 by V. Hening and V. Tatischev by order of Tsar Peter the Great. From 1924 till 1991, it was renamed Sverdlovsk to honour of Y. Sverdlov, the first Soviet Russia Prime Minister. Since its foundation Yekaterinburg has been a center of the mining industry, metallurgy, and defense production. Since the 19th century the city has been a center of gold-mining industry. Throughout the 1930-1940s, many large industrial plants including Uralmash, the biggest heavy machinery factory in Europe, were built in Yekaterinburg. During World War II, the city became a center of armaments industry. Nowadays Yekaterinburg is a center of electronic industries and a scientific, transport, and financial center. There are more than 50 banks, 130 foreign company branches, 200 large industrial plants, 30 universities, and 120 research institutions in the city.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
1,446 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Iset' Tower 686 ft 2015
2 Vysotsky 617 ft 2011
3 De Luxe 455 ft 2010
4 Olympic 3 427 ft 2020
5 Olympic 2 427 ft 2017