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About Incheon

2,710,579 in city
20,982,273 in metro
1,029 km² (397 mi²)
8 m
Incheon, South Korea's third largest city, is located roughly 28km west of Seoul, and is the second largest port city in Korea after Busan. The city is famous for abundant historical sites and resort islands and has played a significant role in the modern era of Korean history. In 1883, as the Joseon Dynasty was nearing its end, the long-held isolationist policy was replaced and Incheon became the first city to open itself up to the world, triggering an influx of western culture. Since then, Incheon has evolved into a prominent international port city. The new Incheon International Airport opened in late March of 2001 and serves as the main gateway to South Korea. Adjacent to the new airport, the Songdo district (covering 35 million square meters) will be developed into an international financial and business center, housing world-class leisure, sports, hotels and entertainment facilities. A major feature of this district will be the International Business Center (IBC), which will consist of a convention center, a 60-story office building, 69 business buildings, four hotels, a global financial center and department stores.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
6,323 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 Northeast Asia Trade Tower 1,010 ft 2011
2 The First World Tower 4 771 ft 2008
3 The First World Tower 3 771 ft 2008
4 The First World Tower 2 771 ft 2008
5 The First World Tower 1 771 ft 2008