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About Holon

188,834 in city
1,176,700 in metro
19 km² (7 mi²)
23 m
Holon is situated to the southeast of Tel Aviv - Yaffo, adjacent to Bat Yam. The modern-day city was founded in 1933 by Shlomo Grin. Four separate working-class neighbourhoods, Kiryat Avoda, Grin, Moledet, and Agrobank, grew rapidly due to a severe housing shortage in Tel Aviv during the late 1930s. They merged to form Holon, it's name deriving from the sandunes upon which it was built. (Holot means "sands" in Hebrew). Holon was subsequently awarded city status in 1950. The city is home to half of the quaint 600-member community of Samaritans. Holon is also noted for its large urban parks - Holon has over 170 parks, 17 ornamental fountains and story-gardens. The city prides itself with the Holon Technological Academic Institute, the world-famous Children's Museum, a state of the art Mediatheque and a new Design Museum.

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
231 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 City Tower 348 ft 2016
2 Krause Tower 2 344 ft 2018
3 Krause Tower 1 344 ft 2018
4 Migdalim BaSdera 262 ft 2018
5 Hadar BeChenkin 253 ft 2007

Building types

No. Type
173 high-rise building
51 low-rise building
3 skyscraper
2 stadium
2 fountain