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About Jinan

2,540,000 in city
8,177 km² (3,157 mi²)
32 m
Jinan, capital city in Shandong Province, has a history dating back some 2,600 years. Known as "The City of Springs" for it's plentiful supply of natural water, Jinan is now a bustling metropolis with a metropolitan population of some 5.3 million people. The main tourist attractions include Baotu Springs, Qianfo Mountain and Daming Lake. In terms of skyscrapers, Jinan is like so many other large Chinese cities, in that although little is known in the Western world, the city has many tall buildings; 160 according to the Jinan Municipal Government. The majority of Jinan's tallest skyscrapers feature ornate crowns, with tall spires, antennae, pyramids or in one case a large jewel-like structure. All combine to create a dazzling sight, comparable to many of the world's admired high-rise skylines.

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No. Current status
267 All Buildings
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