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Green Bridge

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Green Bridge
Eleanor Schonell Bridge


Structure in General

existing [completed]


  • This will be Australia's first pedestrian, cycle and bus bridge, with no provision for cars with the exception of emergency vehicles.
  • Over 9600 m3 of concrete was used to construct the bridge.
  • 1800 tonnes of reinforcement steel was used in construction.
  • Approximately 285,000 man hours were used to build the bridge.
  • There is a two lane busway in the centre, a covered pedestrian path on the northern side and a bicycle path on the southern side of the bridge.
  • 8 stays are installed in parallel arrangements on each side of each tower, making a total of 64 stays.
  • In terms of both height and length this is Australia's second largest cable-stayed bridge, exceeded only by the Anzac Bridge.
  • Construction will be a balanced cantilever method, with progressive erection of precast concrete decking.
  • Will provide a link between the University of Queensland St. Lucia campus and Dutton Park.

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20 T J Doyle Memorial Drive
Sir William Macgregor Drive
St. Lucia
North Side

Technical Data

229.66 ft
229.66 ft
1,692.91 ft
62.34 ft

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