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AT&T Stadium

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AT&T Stadium
Cowboys Stadium


Structure in General

existing [completed]


american football


  • The stadium's roof is supported by two 1,290 foot long steel arches that run the full length of the building.
  • The overhead video screen is suspended 110 feet above the playing field. It is 50 feet high by 180 feet long, and is the largest video screen in the world.
  • At 1,290 feet long, the stadium is twice as long as the Gateway Arch. The Statue of Liberty is able to fit entirely inside the stadium.
  • The stadium contains 104,000,000 cubic feet of space.
  • The stadium is the world's largest domed structure with a 661,000 square foot roof.
  • This is the tallest stadium in Texas.
  • Once completed, the stadium will be the largest and most expensive in the NFL. It will contain the largest column free room in the world, nearly a quarter mile long.
  • The stadium is flanked by two plazas where spectators can meet and view the inside of the stadium through the huge retractable doors.
  • The stadium seats 80,000 people with room for 100,000 for special events.
  • There are two main concourse club rooms that contain 59,000 square feet and two silver level clubs that contain 39,000 square feet.
  • The 2.1 million pound roof is retractable with an opening 210 feet by 505 feet. It takes 12 minutes to fully retract the roof.
  • There are 286 concession stands.
  • There are 10 ticket entrances.
  • The stadium has 1,600 toilets and urinals.
  • The stadium has 15,000 club seats with 200 suites accommodating 22 to 44 people each.
  • The stadium's main entrance has two glass doors which stand 120 feet tall and 180 feet wide. These will be the tallest moveable glass doors in the world. They'll be supported by 575 tons of steel.
  • The facade of the structure contains 500,000 square feet of glass and sandstone.
  • The biggest crowd ever to watch a regular season NFL game was here during a Monday night football (MNF) game on September 21, 2009. Attendance was 105,121.

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900 East Randol Mill Road

Technical Data

320.00 ft
1,290.02 ft

Involved Companies

HKS, Inc.

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