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Kansas City Power and Light Headquarters


Kansas City Power and Light Headquarters
KCP&L Tower


Structure in General

high-rise building
unbuilt [cancelled]


institutional office


  • This proposal is now dead because city officials refused to grant additional tax incentives for this complex when the Downtown office vacancy rate in November 2004 is 24% and KCP&L would be leaving an existing tower a block away.
  • As proposed, the structure would be built on the site of the historic Empire Theater, but the architecturally significant theater facade would be preserved around the lower floors of the north and east sides of the tower.
  • K. C. P. & L. would leave 10 floors its now occupies in the 1201 Walnut Tower.
  • With this proposal now dead, the original plan to restore all of the Empire Theater has been put back in place.
  • The entertainment aspects of this entire project, which would include the theater at street level, would still be constructed in the new plan.
  • The proposal was greeted with a mixed reaction: historic preservationists, particularly the purists, say ALL of the Empire has to be renovated -- or the whole structure might as well be destroyed.
  • The new location is one block east of the company's namesake skyscraper, which it occupied from 1931 to 1991.

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1300 block of Main Street
Kansas City

Technical Data

158.06 ft

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