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Air Apartments - North Tower


Air Apartments - North Tower
ETSA Building


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]


residential condominium


  • The fridges in Air Apartments re-order food when supplies run low.
  • This building was formerly the headquarters of ETSA. Currently, the building is just an empty shell.
  • Air Apartments was awarded the 2005 Urban Institute of Australia Award of Excellence for Urban Renewal.
  • The building will be one of the most high-tech high-rises in Australia when completed in 2005.
  • Residents enjoy a private cinema as well as a 25m heated lap pool.
  • In order to convert the building, the interior was completely demolished, the façade was completely removed, leaving just the structural skeleton.
  • During its time as an office building, this building only had open space office tenancies, as all the building's utilities and lift cores were located in the adjoining southern tower.
  • The total cost for the redevelopment was $83 million.
  • Residents of Air Apartments are provided with one Bang & Olufsen remote control that controls all lighting, heating, cooling, curtains, security cameras and domestic appliances.
  • Residents enjoy dial-in facilities that allow them to use their mobile phones to operate appliances.
  • Before the building was converted to residential apartments it had been derelict for 12 years.
  • Air Apartments was awarded the 2005 Urban Institute of Australia Award of Excellence for Higher Density Housing.
  • Before the current proposal, there were two failed attempts to convert this former office building into residential apartments, including one by Melbourne's Grollo family.

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220 Greenhill Road
220 Greenhill Road, Eastwood
Air Apartments
South Australia

Technical Data

180.45 ft
9.51 ft

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