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Macquarie Apartments

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Macquarie Apartments


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
pile foundation




  • The site was formerly occupied by Premier's Wing of State Office Block.
  • Due to the fact that the building makes use of reinforced concrete blade walls, the interiors can do without internal columns, resulting in an unlimited freedom of space planning.
  • Many first concepts featured a rounded corner facing the Bent with Macquarie Street's junction. However, the project leaves this corner in a rigid, rectangular form, proving the originality of Macquarie Apartments' design.
  • Macquarie Apartments is the first high-rise in the world to take advantage of a fully operable façade, structurally supported only by glass elements.
  • The installation of the one of a kind 14-storey glass façade resulted in the world's largest moving glass wall.
  • Features a computer-controlled opening system of louvres, which collects information from numerous wind sensors and closes the windows when the wind strength grows above a certain level.
  • The east façade, facing the Macquarie Street and the Royal Botanic Gardens behind, comprises of operable glass louvres. Enclosing wintergarden balconies they are able to be fully open in fine weather and constitute protection from the environment in inclement weather as well.

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155 Macquarie Street
155 Macquarie Street
Aurora Place
City of Sydney
New South Wales

Technical Data

246.06 ft
246.06 ft
246.06 ft
9.84 ft

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