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The Leadenhall Building

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The Leadenhall Building
The Cheesegrater


Structure in General

existing [completed]
structural expressionism


commercial office
shop(s) restaurant


  • A planning application was submitted to the Corporation of London on the 10th February 2004.
  • The redevelopment involved the demolition of 122 Leadenhall Street, a 14-storey office tower built in 1969.
  • The building's height above ordnance datum (AOD) is 239.4 metres (785 feet).
  • Of the 29 lifts, 22 are exterior, glass, and fully scenic.
  • The ladder frame on the rear (north side) encloses the fire-fighting cores which serve the office floors.
  • Solar gain to the office areas is countered with the incorporation of remotely controlled blinds.
  • The open space at the base rises to seven storeys and contains trees and retail amenities.
  • The support core to the north is conceived as a separate tower which contains the passenger and freight lifts, service risers, floor plant and lavatories.
  • The vertical circulation is located on the north side, opposite the lobby and main entrance facing The Lloyd's Building.
  • The low-, mid- and high-rise sections are served by three groups of passenger lifts which are connected by two transfer lobbies at floors ten and twenty-four respectively.
  • Each floor plate on the south side is stepped back by .75 metres from the one below, resulting in the distinctive wedge shape when viewed from the east and west.
  • The floor plates vary in size which allows for great flexibility in providing office space which can be cellular or open-plan.
  • Because of the northern support core's relative position to the office floors, the structure doesn't require over-cladding with fire protection, meaning it can be designed and expressed as visible steelwork.
  • The distinctive wedge shape is designed to virtually eliminate the building intruding into the sight-line of St. Paul's Cathedral when viewed along and up .

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122 Leadenhall Street
122 Leadenhall Street
City of London
United Kingdom


Certified as BREEAM – Excellent

Technical Data

736.55 ft
736.55 ft
721.10 ft
643.34 ft
630.22 ft
Jan 2011
Jun 2014

Involved Companies

Sika Services AG

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