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Konstantynow Radio Mast (2nd)


Konstantynow Radio Mast (2nd)


Structure in General

mast (wired)
unbuilt [cancelled]


radio transmission


  • After the collapse of Warszawa Radio Mast on August 8th, 1991 the authorities planned to rebuild it. In 1994 the plans for a new 646 metres high radio mast for RCN Konstantynow were worked out. It was designed in a more stable way than the collapsed mast and one wanted to reuse the former guy anchor basements for its rebuilt. However residents in nearby villages feared that the powerful transmitter, which will use the mast may endanger their healths and violent protests occured. Although there was no proof for this claim and some refurbishment works at the basement and manufacturing of some parts have already started, the project was given up and as replacement a new transmission facility was built at Solec Kujaski ( https://www.emporis.com/complex/149765/rcn-solec-kujawski-solec-kujawski-poland )

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2,119.42 ft
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