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The Baltimore Lofts

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The Baltimore Lofts
Kansas City Club Building
The Clubhouse Lofts


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
applied masonry
dark gray


rental apartments
fitness center parking


  • Membership in the old Kansas City Club was available only to the city's wealthiest citizens. But as the wealthy moved to surburban Johnson County, Kansas and the downtown declined, so did the club until the remaining members merged with the University Club three blocks north at 918 Baltimore.
  • The proposal to renovate the Kansas City Club Building into residential units was announced in May 2002.
  • Renovation work began in March 2003 to build 75 rental units, two dozen lofts and rooftop banquet space for 500 people in the former club's popular "Starlight Lounge.".
  • An existing surface parking lot on the building's west side (13th and Wyandotte Streets) with space for 106 vehicles has been purchased and will be spruced up to compliment the renovation, which is to be completed in the fall of 2004.
  • The lower four floors comprised the club facilities while the next three levels had state-of-the-art (for the era) athletic or health facilities. Floors 7-12 were hotel rooms available only to guests of club members and the top two floors were for eating and a roof top lounge.
  • The athletic/health facilities, in addition to a pool and a fitness area, offered shoe shine services, pedicure/manicure services, barber/beauty services, messages and other "luxuries of life" for the wealthy.
  • From the Starlight Lounge, the rotating lights (red, green and white) of the art deco glass dome of the landmark KCP & L building are just one block away and 14 floors closer than street level.

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1228-1232 Baltimore Avenue
100-110 West 13th Street
1228 Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City

Technical Data

217.49 ft
214.99 ft
201.02 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • City landmark
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