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Textile and Fashion Center

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Textile and Fashion Center
Israeli Textile Center, Israel Polack Building


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]


commercial office
mercantile parking


  • The building's precast facade is exactly the same used on Gibor House and Industry House, which are also part of the Textile Center.
  • The first floor is elevated 2.5 meters above street level.
  • Each typical floor has 16 columns.
  • Each window is 90 centimeters wide and 140 centimeters tall, and begins 80 centimeters above the floor.
  • The structural core is octagonal.
  • The facade consists of precast panels with a tilted window pattern. This unique design dramatically reduces the amount of direct sunlight into the building and features superd passive solar resistance. It also makes inner space seem larger than it really is.
  • The corner setbacks on floors 12, 16 and 18 create three triangular balconies.
  • A narrow notch at the lower contact point of every precast panel serves as an opening for fresh air.
  • Head tower of the Textile Center, and the reason for the project's name.
  • Each reinforced precast concrete panel measures 135 by 340 centimeters, and is coated in white acrylic paint.
  • The building's platform, which is its first four floors, serves as the platform pattern for most Textile Center towers.
  • Since the irregular facade makes exterior window washing impractical, each window turns 180 degrees to be cleaned from inside the building.

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2 Koifman Street
2 Koifman Street
Textile Center
Newe Tzedek
City Center
Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Tel Aviv District

Technical Data

223.10 ft
223.10 ft
223.10 ft
11.15 ft
8.37 ft

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