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Structure in General

existing [completed]
mat foundation




  • Highcliff has a passive wind-damper on top.
  • The inclusion of such a damper system is mainly due to typhoons that plague the region -usually in the late summer and where winds can gust up to 100 mph not to mention sudden changes in wind direction as well as wind shear.
  • Elevators to the residential units do not feature a typical high-zone/low-zone configuration as the project team felt it was unnecessary in this setting.
  • In this design, there is purposely no readily identifiable rear to the tower which makes a difference to residents living in the other adjacent buildings - located as they are in one of Hong Kong's premier high-income districts.
  • Because of the height of the building and future maintenance concerns, screw-on metal cladding and glass curtain walling has been used in this project.
  • Experiments have shown that the damper system is capable of reducing movements from eight seconds each to just 4.7 seconds, making for a significant difference in residents’ comfort - by the time someone notices any movement it has stopped.
  • The damper system is the first of its kind for a residential building anywhere in the world.
  • The design allows for 2 units per floor on what was described as a very tight building site.
  • With the developer's brief of setting a target size of 3,000 square feet per residential unit, the architects embarked on this now characteristically narrow and single tower design.
  • While building damper systems have been applied to minimise building movements in Japan, they are typically computer controlled - at Highcliff, the project team decided on a passive and maintenance-free system.

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41D Stubbs Road
41D Stubbs Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Technical Data

827.76 ft
827.76 ft
827.76 ft
805.21 ft
771.24 ft
10.33 ft

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